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Bloody Disgusting Rock On The Range Report #1: Being At ROTR 2010



This past weekend, I was in Columbus, Ohio for the 2010 Rock on the Range Festival which had bands like Godsmack, Three Days Grace, Rob Zombie, Limp Bizkit and more performing.  I spent most of my time with my photographer/videoperson Chrystal in the media tent, chatting with musicians like CJ from Drowning Pool, grabbing a minute with Chino from Deftones as well as all the guys from Taproot. I got interviews with Paul Phillips from Puddle of Mudd, ST1TCH from Mushroomhead and Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit, so check back each day for a new video interview exclusively here on Bloody-Disgusting.
With over 30,000 people at this years Rock on the Range (the most attended year since the festivals inception), the two-day festival was overall great success. The weather on Saturday was a mix of rain and sunshine, making the Jagermeister and the Kicker stage fields muddy and filthy, something the audience took full advantage of. Day one had Godsmack and Three Days Grace as the headliners with bands like Deftones and Drowning Pool drawing huge numbers during the three-stage exchanges. Killswitch Engage also drew an enormous crowd with people lining the stairs and rails of the stadium to watch the band. 

Day two was headlined by Rob Zombie and Limp Bizkit and was sunny all day. So, mix bright sun, 80 degree weather and 30,000 people (most of whom haven’t showered from the day before) and know what you get? B.O. everywhere. Plus, the ground was still muddy and dirty from the day before. So, day two was smoother in that people knew how to maneuver around to check out the bands on the second and third stages. I got to check out Mushroomhead while Chrystal was photographing them and they put on one hell of a show. It was strange that they were on the third stage as the crowd they drew was huge. It was almost the size of Killswitch Engage’s crowd with people going back at least a few hundred feet and even more people on the stairs and at the stadium rails. But for me, the show stealer was definitely Rob Zombie. He put on a show that was as much a spectacle as it was a it was a performance. Definitely the most fun I’ve had at a concert in a while. 
Sony PlayStation had a semi-truck on site that hosted Guitar Hero and DJ Hero tournaments as well as games not yet out for testing. Monster Energy drink also had a semi-truck  that offered shade, air conditioning and free Monster drinks to keep people high in spirits and full of energy for a two days of rocking out.
Overall, Rock on the Range is an awesome experience that I recommend to anyone in the area (or to all you crazy concert goers who fly across the country for a show). 
I’d like to give some thanks and shout outs to a few people I met who were very cool and great people to hang out with in the downtimes. First, from KXFX 101.7 there was Rock Radio DJ Chris Caballero, Danielle Rosenstein and Samantha Vega. Next up is Skippy from KRZR 103.7. Also, I Meltdown from WRIF 101.1. There are more but unfortunately, I don’t have their contact information. Just know, all of you fine media tent folk, that I had a great time and you all rocked! Also, Mistress Juliya was very cool in person. Last but definitely not least, Kristine at AM-Media. All of you made this an unforgettable experience and I thank you all!


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