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Rosaline’s New Album ‘The Vitality Theory’ Due July 20th



Already massive in the Windy City, Chicago, IL’s ROSALINE are gearing up to take the world by storm with their Good Fight Music debut, The Vitality Theory, hitting stores on July 20th, 2010. The Vitality Theory is produced by the band, and is mixed by Andreas Magnusson (The Black Dahlia Murder, Haste the Day, Gwen Stacy). The record is tracked by Joel Wanasek at JTW Studios.
ROSALINE will debut a brand new track from The Vitality Theory entitled, ‘London Lost its Fog’, today on their MySpace page. “Musically, the song is a subtle odyssey of inspirational chord progression and timbres,” states vocalist and guitarist Madison Stolzer. “The song shows a nice variety of sounds to come on this album.” 

“‘London’ was the very first song written and conceived by us for The Vitality Theory,” continues Stolzer. “Lyrically, the song is basically an abstraction of a time in my life when my head was completely clouded, but that cover began to fade. Everyone has periods of their lives when they just don’t know what they’re doing, how they ended up where they are or how they have become a certain way. Coming to terms with that situation, realizing your beliefs are your disease but that it’s okay, can in turn cause that situation to disrupt, and for you to regain visibility.”
The roots of ROSALINE trace back to 2005 when the members were all still attending high school. The band generated a swell of support and excitement amongst kids sprawled across suburban Chicago. They self released their first album titled “We’re all just passing through” gaining early inspiration from bands like The Bled, Hopesfall, and Thursday. In 2006 founding member Madison Stolzer put the band on hiatus to pursue an opportunity to play in Emarosa, now signed with Rise Records. It was a chance that ten out of ten kids would dive into head first. Emarosa was gaining ground and raising their profile as a band, but Madison felt a deep artistic void at the time. He needed an outlet that would allow him to once again write music and express himself creatively. While explaining the mixed emotions to his college roommate and close friend Nathan Steinheimer, the solution seemed to take shape right in front of his eyes. It was time to circle the wagons and bring ROSALINE back to life. It just so happened that Nathan was also a musician and they were in need of his talents as a synth player. With other members Cody on vocals, Ryan on bass, Matt on drums, and Ricky as the other guitarist, the line up was solidified.
In 2009 ROSALINE released A Constant North with the backing of Eulogy Records. It is an album that distinguished the group within a stale independent music scene saturated with call to mosh breakdowns and cookie monster growls. The songs on A Constant North freely flow from melodic heights to focused aggression used to accent emotion. The beauty of the song structures is that none of the style changes or progressive elements ever becomes a liability to the overall cohesiveness of the album. The band also maximizes the potential of 2 singers by pushing the depth and arrangements of the vocal parts well beyond the typical “you scream and I’ll sing” redundancy prevalent in rock today.
With college degrees freshly hung on the wall and a new label home in Good Fight Music, ROSALINE is about to embark on their most exciting era to date. The Vitality Theory is promised to deliver a more mature and focused style of songwriting. There is no doubt this band is set to explode into the next chapter of their already fulfilling musical journey.
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Madison Stolzer – Vocals/Guitar
Cody Lumpkin – Vocals
Ricky Bakosh – Guitar
Nate Steinheimer – Keyboards
Ryan Pulice – Bass
Matt Hahn – Drums


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