Warped Tour 2010 Interview: Krysta Cameron Of IWRESTLEDABEARONCE - Bloody Disgusting
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Warped Tour 2010 Interview: Krysta Cameron Of IWRESTLEDABEARONCE



My first Warped Tour interview this year was with Krysta Cameron Of Iwrestledabearonce. I got the pleasure of getting to chat with her before she went on stage. Read past the break for my interview with her!

SuperRadMike: Is this your first Warped Tour?

Krysta Cameron: Yes, Yes!

SuperRadMike: How’s it been going so far?

Krysta Cameron: Really really fun so far.

SuperRadMike: You guys just came on the tour recently right?

Krysta Cameron: Yes, it will almost be two weeks.

SuperRadMike: So do you think you’d do Warped Tour again given the chance?

Krysta Cameron: Oh definitely!

SuperRadMike: I know you just re-released “It’s All Happening” are you gonnna support that still after Warped Tour or So are you guys going back into the studio?

Krysta Cameron: Well we’re basically gonna take some time off, maybe write during that time. But then this fall we are going on a headlining tour. And then we’re gonna be writing in the winter.

SuperRadMike: Can I ask who you’re headlining with?

Krysta Cameron: Oh I don’t know if I can say that yet. (Laughs) 

SuperRadMike: Haha, fair enough. As far as the reissue of the album you added a remix cd to the package one of them being from Ben of The Dillinger Escape Plan, was this something you wanted to do or something that just came up out of nowhere?

Krysta Cameron: Well we ended up having a remix song on our first EP and it went so well so we just decided to do it again. And also just put out a deluxe edition so you’re getting the CD, the remix CD and also you get the DVD which has our music videos as well as tour diaries and studio footage.

SuperRadMike: So this is something you guys would wanna do again?

Krysta Cameron: Oh definitely.

SuperRadMike: Well I’ll let you get to your other interviews thank you so much for your time and have an awesome show!

Krysta Cameron: Anytime! 

Iwrestledabearonce will be embarking on their headlining tour called THE GHOSTBUSTOUR on September 22 and will be joined by Chelsea Grin, The Chariot and Vanna. And on select dates Sky Eats Airplane. I definitely recommend checking them ’cause they seriously put on awesome live show. They will be on Warped Tour until August 15.


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