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Casey Lagos Announces Solo Project ‘Sealakes’



Sealakes, the new solo project from Casey Lagos debuted a video of Lagos recording the song Go Again on  Lagos plays drums, guitar, bass, piano and performs vocals for the project.  “I started playing drums and guitar when I was three years old.  I usually write songs by a riff appearing in my head and from there I can imagine the whole arrangement with drums” Lagos said.  Two songs Go Again and Every Heart appear on the myspace page and hint at the muscular yet melodic approach of the project.
Though only 22 Casey Lagos has been a professional musician for over six years.  The Orange County CA resident was a founding member of Stick To Your Guns who released their first album on Sumerian Records (The Faceless, Asking Alexandria) when he was sixteen.  Around the same time Lagos was playing drums for rhythmic hardcore unit, The Warriors which afforded him the experience and connections to give Stick To Your Guns a good kick off.  After years of touring and contributing writing for a significant portion of Stick To Your Guns sophomore album Comes From The Heart (Century Media 2008) Lagos left to pursue a different path.  ‘After I was done playing with Stick To Your Guns I wasn’t sure what direction to head in.  I knew music was the only thing I ever did well in but there weren’t any doors open at the time.  It’s a crazy story but I went to a prayer group that’s part of my church. I told the lady running it that I just needed to see God’s direction clear as water and after praying she said God would give me a voice and he wants me to use it for him.  I had always had a clean singing voice since I was a kid, but that hit me like a ton of bricks. On the drive home I tried to scream, which i could never do before, and it came out with ease, every time I got goosebumps. I then had all the pieces to the puzzle, seeing as I could already write music, the vocals were all of a sudden there, and I knew what I had to do.’

Australian metal-core heroes Parkway Drive recruited Lagos to drum for them on several tours in 2009. ‘After playing with Parkway Drive it motivated me so much. I experienced great things, it left me hungry to accomplish the same for my own music. With the encouragement from them and others I decided to really go full on with my solo music.  My name is Casey, my last name means ‘lakes’ in spanish, so I just decided to call it ‘sealakes.’ I didn’t want some super hardcore name for the project. It’s basically my name, so I stuck with it.’
Lagos has recorded a wealth of material ranging from aggressive to melodic and catchy and a combination of all the above.  He has decided to debut the project with an EP on ITunes shortly before securing a home for the full-length.  Most recently Lagos was asked to fill in for Confide vocalist Ross Kenyon on the band’s summer tour.  ‘It was my first time doing vocals live and kids would ask me before we started playing where’s Ross?! And look bummed but after we played I could tell I won a lot of them over, it was a great experience.  I look forward to playing Sealakes material live.’  EP release date will be announced shortly.


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