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Ten MORE Creepy Music Videos



The “Ten Creepy Videos Just In Time For Halloween” list was a big hit with you readers. However, as many of you know, there aren’t just ten creepy music videos out there. So, I went ahead and put together another list because this holiday season is just too damn cheery for me. I’ll start you off nice and mellow with The Cure below, but after the jump, there are nine more creepy videos for your viewing pleasure (displeasure?).

The Cure – Lullaby
I have a serious problem with spiders, so the thought of waking up coated in spider webs is nauseating. Also, Robert Smith being eaten by a giant vagina is something to note. 

Dir En Grey – Obscure

Wrapped bodies dangling from the ceiling, baby-faced strap-ons in use and a dismembered cybernetic naked woman. Does that do it for you? If not, there’s always a vomiting Japanese singer.
Behemoth – Alas, Lord Is Upon Me
Something about religion and the damnation of it has always struck a chord with me. I’m a big fan of any religious-based horror movie, so seeing it in a music video gets my juices flowing.
Eraserhead – In Heaven
The first of two videos in this list that aren’t exactly traditional music videos. This scene, taken from David Lynch’s trippy masterpiece Eraserhead, turns a beautiful song into something out of a nightmare. I still, to this day, cannot listen to this song without the hairs on my arm raising.
Opeth – Porcelain Heart
One of my favorite bands, Opeth managed to take the eerie beauty of ‘Porcelain Heart’ and match it with the visuals of Lasse Hoile to create a video that would probably be of great interest to the people behind the upcoming “The Raven”: This video practically screams out the atmosphere of an Edgar Allen Poe story.
Cavalera Conspiracy – Sanctuary
So, basically what we have here is the Elephant Man going on a killing rampage. I’m cool with that.
Aphex Twin – Rubber Johnny
Though not originally meant as an actual Aphex Twin video (it was meant to be a 30 second TV commercial for the Aphex Twin album ‘Drukqs’), director (and star) Chris Cunningham loved the concept of this video so much that he expanded it into this six minute format. Make sure to watch through the raver dancing to get to some gruesome close-ups. 
Stone Temple Pilots – Sour Girl
Beautifully shot (and starring the always easy on the eyes Sarah Michelle Gellar), STP created a video that matched the subtle unearthliness of the music. It also helps to have some evil Teletubbies prancing around. 
Rammstein – Mein Teil
It’s Rammstein. Enough said.
Pink Floyd – The Wall
The second of the non-traditional music videos on this list, Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ is a visual tour de force that has some of the most arresting visuals I’ve seen. If you haven’t seen this amazing movie, the above video is an unbroken clip on the entire film. I highly recommend turning up your speakers, hitting “full screen” and easing back for one amazing journey.
Well readers, this list has come to an end. But for next time, I want to make a list of YOUR favorite creepy videos. So, do me a favor and comment with a couple of your choices. Also, spread the word by sharing this article via Facebook and/or Twitter to get some of your friends in on this action. And as always, you can follow me on Twitter to shoot me some suggestions on there. 


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