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Check Out Aaron Crawford’s Solo Art Show



Editor’s Note: The art show is in Augusta, not Atlanta. Album artist Aaron Crawford will be premiering his first solo art show, ‘Pause And Claws’, on May 6th at Sky City in downtown Augusta. The art pieces center around strange and wondrous (read: terrifying) animals straight from Aaron’s mind. Aaron has done artwork for such bands as Attila, Suicide Silence, After The Burial, Veil Of Maya, Kittie, The Used, and more. Check out some examples after the jump as well as an exclusive quote for Bloody-Disgusting.



Aaron Crawford

“I was given the opportunity to have my first solo art show, which is exciting, and kinda makes me nervous, because it’s just my work, standing alone. but it’s gonna be awesome. When I was brainstorming ideas for what I wanted to do, I caught some national geographic thing on Netflix about hyenas and lions, and all sorts of other predators, and it sort of kick started my creative thought process, so I decided to paint a bunch of my favorite animals! The thing is, these aren’t normal animals, by any means. Each animal or creature has something about it that makes it special to the animal kingdom, or I guess they each possess certain talents or powers, just like humans, except they don’t eat big macs at 4 am. Some more realistic than others though. Everything from a giant wolf that can conjure ghosts from a haunted cabin, to the Ibex Ram that hunts it’s prey with it’s laser eyes! 
 This is also another new thing for me, because I’m always a little weird about painting on canvas. I usually love painting on smoother surfaces and materials. such as wood panels, clayboard, and paper. So it’s sort of me trying to learn more about painting on canvas, with watercolors, inks, acrylics, and whatever else! It’s been a learning experience so far! I also wanted to capture the details in intricate linework as well, basically taking the idea of how I illustrate shirt designs in black and white, then color them, and applying it to a series of paintings. 
 ALSO, something else I want to add, is that each painting or animal is missing a certain piece, whether it be hair fragments, teeth, horns, a tail, so I’ll be displaying the actual physical part of the animal alongside the artwork itself. So not only is it a painting, it’s also a physical part of the real animal or creature! Hope to you guys there. Follow me on twitter for daily art updates and other stuff leading up to the show. and thanks to Jon and the rest of the Bloody Disgusting crew!”


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