Treminatryx's 'Virus' Shows What A REAL Werewolf Can Do - Bloody Disgusting
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Treminatryx’s ‘Virus’ Shows What A REAL Werewolf Can Do



In 2009, Paul Blom and Sonja Ruppersberg filmed a short clip of a werewolf transformation for their South African Horror Festival. The clip garnered so much praise and accolades (Director John Landis even gave it his thumbs up), that the two decided to expand on the premise even more. They took the opportunity to use some of the footage (along with newly shot material) to make a music video for their band, Terminatryx.

On top of creating this music video, they shot a short film, ‘Marked’, that utilized the help of Clinton Smith and many other at Cosmesis Prosthetics (the people behind Laconia, Death Race 2, and The Last House On The Left remake). The debut of ‘Marked’ won them the Audience Choice Award as well as the Best Special Make-Up FX award at the South African Horrorfest. The short movie will be up featured HERE.
The duo are currently gearing up to write a feature length screenplay.


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