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SuperRadMike’s Top 10 Valentine’s Day Songs



Ahhh Valentine’s Day is finally here and of course if you’re with someone it’s freakin’ awesome and if you’re not then it’s lame. Either way I have picked my top 10 “love” songs and thought I’d share them with you. So get you favorite bottle of lube and enjoy! 

10. Nofx – “Liza And Louise” 

What can I say? I haven’t met one straight male who doesn’t like the idea of two ladies gettin’ down. 
9. Dethklok – “Castraitikron” 
If  you’ve ever been whipped you get where this song is coming from. If not then you’re probably whipped. Also Dethklok rules. 
8. She Wants Revenge – “Tear You Apart” 
The one thing I love is it’s about one thing: straight fuckin’! It’s super moody, dark and dirty. Not too mention something you want to whisper in your Valentine’s ear.  
7. Poison The Well – “Nerdy” 
To me this has always been the epitome of sappy, pathetic and in love. But it is definitely well written and intense. One of my personal favorites. 
6. Nine Inch Nails – “We’re In This Together Now” 
A list like this assumes to have Nine Inch Nails on it. Even before seeing the video the song made me feel like I would be running to the person I cared about. To be honest the lyrics are quite sweet. I feel Trent Reznor secretly like to write love songs. I.E. “Closer” and “The Perfect Drug”. Or Maybe it’s just me. 
5. T.S.O.L. – “Code Blue” 
The title is a little misleading, this song is about necrophilia. One of the first punk songs I had ever heard and wouldn’t you know it, it’s about a guy having sex with dead bodies. True love and devotion. 
4. Reggie And The Full Effect – “Congratulations Smack + Katy” 
To be honest this video/song is quite adorable and awesome. Hopefully this gives you motivation to find your peanut butter. Or jelly. Also it’s by the old drummer of Coalesce, how is that not awesome? 
3. Death From Above 1979 – “Pull Out” 
Watch the video. The singer/drummer gives an exact description of what the song is about and why it’s appropriate for Valentine’s Day. 
2. Cannibal Corpse – “I Cum Blood” 
I’m starting to think I might have a problem with necrophilia. Eh, oh well! Once again about another guy enjoys having his way with dead ladies. Except he likes to give back, if you will. With his blood. Enjoy! 
1. The Lonely Island – “I Just Had Sex” 
I can’t think of a better way to end this list then with this song. I hope this is how everyone’s Valentine’s Day ends, fireworks and all. 


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