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Vinny Mac’s Top Five Bands To See Live



Hey all you rabid concert goers, BD Music’s own Vinny Mac has put together a list of five bands that he feels you have to see live before you leave this mortal coil. Check out the list after the jump and let us know YOUR favorite live acts. 
Vinny Mac:
In honor of the newly announced Rammstein tour dates, I thought I would voice my opinion on some concerts. I have been to a large number of concerts in the last decade and now I bring you the top five bands that, in my opinion, you must see live.

5. Marilyn Manson: I have seen Manson twice, once at Ozzfest 2001 and then again at Mayhem Fest 2009. I have to admit I was never a fan of him until that Ozzfest live show. The energy he put out and the giant stilts he walked out in during the set made me a fan and made it one hell of a live show.
4. Slipknot: I have seen this band four times. My favorite show was the smaller indoor venue in 2004 but as far as lights, pyrotechnics and hydraulics go, outdoors is the way to see them. The bigger the stage, the better the show, and that is a show you shouldn’t miss.
3. Insane Clown Posse: This band might look like the oddball of the group and there might be many haters reading this, but I have seen them four times and they never disappoint. The love in the bulding makes it feel like one big family. Between the Faygo bottles flying thru the air to the clowns on stage with the water guns you cannot go wrong. When it all ends confetti falls from the ceiling and sticks to everything in the building.
2. Rammstein: When they announced they were coming back to the Chi, I got the idea for this article. Seeing them once in 2001, I have waited a decade to see them again. The rarity of the US tour is the reason they made it to number two on the list. When I saw them, they used more pyrotechnics then I have ever seen anybody use. Last time I was not close enough to burn off my eyebrows but this time around I’m making sure I am.
1. Mushroomhead: With every release and every live show over the last decade, Mushroomhead has become my favorite metal band. You think after five shows I would get bored, but with two water drums on each side of the stage and a perfectly timed light show you cannot miss them live. Between their catalog of heavy and slower songs, they know how to mix up there set list to keep every show fresh.
Photo Courtesy of Vinny Mac


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