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Exclusive Interview: Chad I Ginsburg Of CKY



Rock band CKY has just released ‘B Sides And Rarities‘, an album that puts together material from as far back as ’97 and as new as the track that the band recorded for Jackass 3. In celebration of this, Bloody-Disgusting scored an exclusive interview with guitarist/vocalist Chad I Ginsburg to discuss the album, the current tour and, you knew it was coming, horror. Check it out after the jump!



How’s it going?
Good man! How’re you doing?
Not too shabby, y’know? Taking it day by day.
Me too. [laughs]
So tell me a bit about B-Sides & Rarities. What drove you guys to put out this album?
Well, over the years we’ve been getting requests for certain songs and decided now was as good a time as any to finally release them. It’s actually a preview of a boxset that’s coming.
So there are plans for a full boxset?
Yeah, that’ll be coming soon.
What was it like going through these songs? What kinds of memories did they bring up?
It was very nostalgic actually. We had tons of tracks to go through but it was all about taking a bunch of tapes and finding the best stuff that could be on there. Stuff from ’97 and over the years. 
You’re finishing up a relatively short US tour. How’s that going for you?
It’s going great! It’s been a lot of fun. Easy drives, easy shows. Lots of songs to pick out for the setlist, so we switch it up every night. Definitely having fun.
What are the plans after that?
Writing some new material, going to Canada, set up more tour dates for the summer, work on a new album, things like that. Oh, and the boxset. 
One of the early CKY singles used an image of Angela’s face from Sleepaway Camp. 
Yeah! That’s the ‘Disengage The Simulator EP’! 
What connection do you think CKY has with horror?
Well, a lot of our songs lyrically are about horror stories. We’ve done a lot of videos about horror. We have a music video that’s called ‘Escape From Hellview’ which is really cool. It’s kinda bloody and is like a mini-slasher movie. I like to write horror stories and songs, so we go that route. 
What are some of your favorite horror films?
I like the original Black Christmas, Sleepaway Camp, Madman, Terror Train, Prom Night, Friday The 13th. Y’know, the classic slasher movies!
That’s what I was just about to say! The originals and the greats. 
Yeah, I love slasher movies! Some people like zombies or vampires, but I like straight-up slashers. 
Do you watch a lot of horror movies on the tour bus?
Sometimes we do, yeah.
I’m gonna guess that you’re in charge of that, right?
[laughs] Yeah! Whenever we go on a long trek, I usually bring my collection with me. But this is such a short run that I didn’t bring anything with me.
Alright Chad, thanks so much for chatting and I look forward to the boxset!
Thanks a lot man! Take care.

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