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Exclusive Top 10: Ogre Gives Us His Favorite Horror Flicks Plus More!



Bloody-Disgusting has scored an awesome Top 10 Horror Movie list from none other than Nivek Ogre (Skinny Puppy, Ohgr, Repo! The Genetic Opera)! Not content to send us his Top 10 list, Ogre also added ‘honorable mentions’ AND ‘guilty pleasures’ categories. One thing is for certain, this man loves his horror. Check it all out after the jump!

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From Ogre:
just ten choices!? how bloody disgusting is that? my, my, my, .. what would mr. brownstone say!? 
he’s peeking over my shoulder as i type, tickling my ear with a sharp nail and licking tooth, facilitating this list … does it seem unDeveloped? 
only other upright apes on the same life raft of lost souls floating through the miasma of the 6o’s atomic testing will know that monsters exist, falling out and about all around us.
i’ve grown up from fear to fear, decade through decade, as the horrors on celluloid tried to keep pace with what’s left to scare uS. here then is my convoluted top ten polluted mental mind fucks, in no particular order … and, because brownstone could never wash my brain for only 10, an additional list exhausting my most cherished dirty pleasures. damn that brownstone.  
cliché perhaps but still sets a tone throughout that never lets up, keeping an uncomfortable sense of dread and unease throughout the whole damned possession. it’s the first restricted (x-rated?)movie i snuck/crept into and left the theatre wishing i’d never entered. or did eYe?
The Devils
always loved russell. he has a sick sense of humor. saw this first as an art house movie screener in the late 70’s. although, i guess, a bit more of a dramatist .. russell always molded a horrific sensual devolvement of the human psyche in his films. the humErUs immoral tabooS. quiet, horrifying, silver, white worm dildos …. also i  quite liked the huxley non-fiction  novel.
The Legend of Hell House
still the best and creepiest of the paranormal investigation house films. cramped tight restrictive and claustrophobic. the B&W only enhances and the sound design/foley for its time gets inside yer noggin’.
Gates of Hell
my literal obsession for italian horror, especially in the heyday of Skinny Puppy, kept entranced through many an extended weekend. the grim dense atmospheres, at times not even in italy, but very italian in mood ;D 
the camera lens lulling one’s glance up into a tree only to find a priest’s neck swinging in the wind .. or how about a bowel wrenching spilling of one’s own guts. love it. licked it tried to do it!
Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer
what can’t be said about this jem of pre torture porn that blows the lid off all to come. i loved the voyeuristic aspects of the kills.. made me feel like taking a shower at the time, all the time ::sniff sniff:: maybe even now!
The Shining
there is so much about Kubrick;s mythos that i will forever admire. all the infused, intentionally or not, symbolism or an adherence to the story hidden under the story, on film, in plain view. i was a reader of king’s book first  (loved it) and was completely mentally stripped giddy in the theatre by the way Kubrick twisted the monster’s to those more of one’s own fragile mind
Rosemary’s Baby
fascinating are films about power and the control measures groups can exert on marginalized or singled out people. Polanski always dealt with the idea’s manifested by power out there on the fringes of society, faith, or just behind the veil. this film, wonderfully cast, and his very personal version of Macbeth are my favorites. 
Dawn of the Dead (both Romero and  Zack Synder)
gotta love the zombie thing. so many ways to spin the walking dead throughout our hellish rise. this film in particular caught me by surprise for it’s explosive reality at a time i was limping through malls looking for famous monsters and magic magazines. the remake delivers with updated speed and compulsion. love them zombies.
Jacob’s Ladder
always a sucker for the guy caught in the multiverse. imagine a universe or mental housing where you lived to change the world, fulfill your dreams, or imagine a world where you died. well what about the space between? apparently one of those last scripts left  on the house… so i was thrilled when it forced me to question what i am experiencing.
to end a difficult list is a movie that defines my love for the genre.. this man has all the haunted, deliriously effected and persuasive charm and commitment to be modern master in the art or terror. he feels it and although sitting with my other favorite fulci.. he will always, for personal reasons, be the closest to my ol’ love maldoror. 
hon-ohGr-ble mentions:  Godzilla, Bride of Frankenstein, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1& 2, Eraserhead, High Tension, Freaks, Ninth Gate, Salo: 120 Days of Sodom, The Beyond, The House by the Cemetary, Maniac, Videodrome
Vexing guilty Pleasures: I, Madman, Prince of Darkness, Pumpkinhead, From Beyond, Re-Animator (and Bride), Combat Shock, The Company of Wolves, The Beast Within, Race with the Devil, Fearless Vampire Killers, The Last Man on Earth, Sleepy Hollow, Curse of the Demon, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, The Quartermass Xperiment, Der Todesking, Brain Damage, Cronos, Dellamorte Dellamore


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