OMFG Of The Day: Screw You Keyboard Cat, I've Got Metal Drummer Dog - Bloody Disgusting
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OMFG Of The Day: Screw You Keyboard Cat, I’ve Got Metal Drummer Dog



I can appreciate a funny cat video as much as the next person, but sometimes I get sick of seeing those feline bastards. Honestly, I’m more of a lizard person, but I’ll take a dog being badass any day of the week just to combat the cat pandemic that is sweeping the Internet.

Well, today brings me one of those videos. Turns out there is a dog that, with a little bit of assistance, can rock the drums to the August Burns Red track The Eleventh Hour. I especially love the part where the dog starts baring his teeth as though he knows he needs to look badass. If I had a dog, I would put it on drum lessons 30 seconds after I started the video. Time for the damn mutt to earn it’s keep!
Check out the video after the jump!


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