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Sony Is Finally Bringing Themselves To The 360’s Level



Sony has an update 2.40 coming for the Playstation 3 this Wednesday. It’s going to include a trophy system for when you progress through games, much like the achievement point system for the 360. So you can finally show off all of your hard work. Also included will be an in game XMB, so when you hit the PS button it’ll take you to your Playstation dashboard. You’ll be able to jump from game to game in the menu, check messages from friends, and message them back, rather than having to quit the game and go all the way back to the dashboard when you’re in the middle of the game. Sony has really been listening to what the Playstation 3 owners want to see, and they just keep on delivering, things keep on getting better and better, that’s what’s nice about having a system that works like a computer where you can repeatedly update it to make it better and better. Things may have gone differently for Sega if they made the Dreamcast like that.

Starting out not every game is going to have Trophies, the game companies will be releasing patches once they make up the Trophies you can earn in each game. You can check out these 2 videos below and really see what the update is all about.


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