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Siren: Blood Curse Demo Review



So downloadable right now on the Playstation Network is the Siren: Blood Curse demo. The game will be coming out and downloadable in 12 episodes, whatever that means. Any who I downloaded the demo a little bit ago, it’s quite short, less than 10 minutes.

To see some videos and read what the games about check out the article I posted HERE. So you start the demo as Sam (male), looking for your crew. Night time, raining, dark as hell, and all you have is your flashlight. You’re in a mining area, or mining town, and you start to go upstairs to find some lady slaughtering a miner. He immediately becomes “one of them”. You sneak by him in order to find a weapon. You find a steel pipe and move on. Now, I’m getting pretty nervous at this point, mostly what you see is what your flashlight sees. You come up to the loony bin lady who killed that 1st guy, and you sneak up and wail her with the pipe, and why not pick up her sharp weapon. You get into the mining office to get bludgeoned.

I won’t tell you what happens next, go download it! Later you find a gun and you we walking down an area and these possessed townies are running towards you, getting your heart pumping. The game controls are pretty good, better than Alone In The Dark. You walk with the left stick and look with the right, you can go in a 1st person view to look around. And you can lock on with the gun, thank god. Definitely play the game in the dark for maximum scare factor. I was freaked out and I can’t wait for the game to come out.


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