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Burn Zombie Burn zombies are unique in their own special ways. And by that I mean they can f*ck you up in many different ways. They each have different behavioral patters, and strengths and weaknesses. Check out the different types and some pics beyond the break, and look out for the game in the 1st quarter of next year on the playstation network. Just added a trailer, check it out!

• Normal – The every day, humdrum, wants-to-eat-your-brains zombie. They shamble slowly around until they get close and then they rush towards you
• Exploder – Big flashing lights make sure these walking bombs are clearly visible. Don’t get too close or they’ll try to take you with them
• Crazy – Identifiable by their beanie hats, these zombies will chase you clear across the map
• Dancers – Dancers hate it when you look at them and will try and dance around to attack you from the back
• Rushers – The jocks of the zombie world, they’ll charge you at speed but they’re not too bright and can’t turn very well
• Riot – These zombies have taken precautions, with welder’s masks to protect their faces and dustbin lids to protect their bodies, they can only be shot from behind
• Noxious – These diseased zombies can cause damage if you get near them but worse still – they can infect other zombies with a plague that turns them green and makes them immune to fire and dance guns. Kill these quick!
• Super Zombie – He’s big, he’s strong, his brain’s in a jar and he has serious bowel problems! Pretty much immune to everything except explosives, the Super Zombie is hard to kill.


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