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Dead Pixels Exclusive: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Interview Part 1!



We got a chance to interview Tomm Hulett, a producer over at Konami about the upcoming Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

Check out the 1st part of the interview past the break! Stay hanging around for the 2nd part sometime in the very near future! How will Silent Hill play on the wii as compared to the PSP and PS2?

TH – The Wii version has a special control scheme where the Wii Remote is constantly being used to increase immersion. At all times it reflects Harry’s ingame flashlight, so by moving the Remote in any direction, the player shines the flashlight. They also control the ingame cell phone with the Control pad and A Button, so it feels like you’re holding an actual phone. The PSP and PS2 versions will control more like traditional Silent Hill games.

The pysch profile in the game is supposed to alter the game to how you
play…is this just in the beginning of the game or is it throughout the
game? Could you give some examples.

TH – The Psych Profile is constantly evolving the game based on who you are. The game is constantly gathering data from your actions and learning more about you. This effect lasts the entire game. This isn’t something you’ve seen in other games where you can take the good or evil path; the psych profile is based on actual psychological principles, so it can judge how outgoing you are, whether you’re an introvert, etc etc.

For fans of the series, will there be any nods or easter eggs in the
game for loyal players?

TH – Of course, though a lot of them are very subtle. Fans will have to be very observant.

Are the rumors true? No combat?

TH – If by “combat” you mean “physically attacking monsters until they die” then yes, there is no combat in Shattered Memories. However, there are plenty of action sequences where you have to frantically cope with hideous creatures dogging your every step through a Nightmare landscape.

Will there be a completely new score for the games music? Or just the

TH – Akira Yamaoka (who has created the music for every Silent Hill) has created an all new score for Shattered Memories. People who pre-order the game at participating retailers will receive a full Soundtrack CD, in fact.

Was there any particular reason this game wasn’t being made for the 360
or Playstation 3?

TH – Making Silent Hill on the Wii made perfect sense. The two key features of the franchise: a flashlight and radio static, are right there in the Wii Remote. With such immersive controls, it’s natural to create a horror game that takes advantage of that deep immersion (just look at the amount coming to Wii this fall!). PSP and PS2 are both systems that we know Silent Hill fans own, so we wanted to deliver for them as well. But the goal of this game was to make it as scary as possible, and HD graphics don’t make things more scary necessarily. The original Silent Hill still ranks as a lot of people’s scariest game of all time… and its graphics are fairly archaic nowadays.


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