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Dead Pixels Exclusive: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Interview Part 2! Exclusive Screens!



As you may have read a few posts back Part 1 of our with Tomm Hulett, producer from Konami about Silent Hill Shattered Memories. Well you can check out part 2 of that interview beyond the break, as well as some exclusive screen shots. If you haven’t yet, read PART 1 HERE! Watch the “chilling” trailer below.

Silent Hill has mostly known for it’s atmosphere, such as in Silent Hill 2 with the lead characters struggles with infidelity. With this re-imagining of the original what are the demons Harry has to go through, and through the game play does the players interactions alter that?

TH – Well in the old games you’d see a lot of imagery based on the main character’s psychology. So in SH2, James ran into a lot of sexually-charged monsters, and there were some creepy, very sexual rooms. And then at the end of the game you kind of find out why, and it all makes sense. In Shattered Memories we’ve turned this into a flexible game mechanic. So the town is actually changing to reflect your own psychology. The things you see should reinforce this – that the town is watching you, and that the things you’re dealing with are somehow your fault.

Will the Wii version be using Wii Motion Plus?

TH – Nope. The only thing you need is a Wii Remote and a Nunchuk.

Silent Hill Homecoming was a big change compared to the rest of the
series with more emphasis on combat but it seems with shattered memories
it seems more like flight than fight. Is this going to be more puzzle
and mystery based than a beat-em up, will this go back to being more
‘survival horror’?

TH – Our aim was to create the ultimate “Survival Horror” game by going back to the drawing board and figuring out what that should mean. The genre has gotten bogged down with a lot of established “rules” over the years, and those rules don’t necessarily serve scaring the player. Also, with such a focus on combat, modern games really empower the player and if you’re feeling empowered you can’t be scared. So by stripping all that away we’re hoping to create the ultimate survival horror experience.

Will the PSP version be available for download on the PSN, and PSP Go?

TH – The PSP version will be available on UMD format, as well as download for PSP Go.

What is your favorite aspect of the re-imaging than people really aren’t
talking about?

TH – The Silent Hill games are all about this town that screws with a person’s perception of reality – of what they think they know. They’re full of moments like in Silent Hill 2, where James meets someone who looks exactly like his ex-wife. And you’re supposed to understand what these characters are feeling, but you can’t REALLY because, for example, you never knew James’s wife. You’re just told she existed and she was similar but different to this new person James is meeting. …But, a lot of people have played Silent Hill 1. So by reimagining it, Silent Hill can screw with their perception of that reality – of what they thought they knew about Silent Hill.

Are you looking into doing any other re-imaginings with the Silent Hill

TH – Right now we’re focusing on getting this one just right.


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