Headlines in Horror: F.E.A.R., er, F.3.A.R.! Doom 4! Zombies vs. Guitars! Big/Sad/Awesome L4D News! - Bloody Disgusting
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Headlines in Horror: F.E.A.R., er, F.3.A.R.! Doom 4! Zombies vs. Guitars! Big/Sad/Awesome L4D News!



It’s good to be a horror fan, or what I like to affectionately refer to as Thrill Enthusiasts. Someone might hear that term for the first time and think of something else, since at first a Thrill Enthusiast sounds like someone who enjoys getting their crazy on by tempting death through various scenarios like skydiving, spelunking, or base jumping. They would be incorrect in that assumption, unless you’re the rare type of individual who enjoys horror media and terrifying, Oh-God-Please-Please-Don’t-Fail-Mr.-Parachute activities. If you happen to fall under the latter category I commend you sir (or ma’am), as you are a borderline superhero.

But I digress, something I find myself doing more and more often lately. It’s almost gotten to the point where I need to hire someone to follow me with a buzzer, monitoring my level of alertness and… on-topic-ness. Of course, paying someone to do such a task would be a problem, and finding a talented soul with the patience to really follow through would most likely prove even more difficult. Wait, I just did it again. Just click the Read More button before my compulsive rambling gets the better of me.

F.3.A.R.: First 3 Assault Recon

You’re no longer ‘encountering’ in the next FEAR, as the E has been replaced with a 3. Yes, I know, clever marketing and/or branding. If a promo ad is anything to go by, and it isn’t, the unfortunately named F.3.A.R. looks to have everything we’ve come to expect from the franchise: guys with bullets in their foreheads, an Ethan Thomas impersonator, and the increasingly creepy biotch, Alma, who looks to be preggers.

The ad really doesn’t have any shocking revelations to glean from it, though I’m sure some uber-nerd will make me eat my words by turning over every pixel to find some secret message. I hate you uber-nerd.

What I’m hoping for: a customizable arsenal of insanely fun to use weapons, a button mashing sex scene featuring Alma a la God of War, psychic powers that give you the ability to explode heads, and a birthing mini-game. Maybe I should just do a ‘This is What We Want in FEAR 3, err, dammit, F3AR’.

Doom 4 News On the Way?

I sure hope so. In case you forgot, and I’m sure you did you forgetful minx, id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead told the world back in Quake Con 09 that Doom 4 would be present at this year’s event and that “When we show it to you, you’re gonna love it.” I certainly didn’t love Doom 3, but I’m willing to let my hype flag fly free for this and hope for the best.

Oh, and by the way, Quake Con 2010 will be gracing our headlines starting August 12th, so there’s a good chance we’ll know more about the game around then.

Practice for the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse

If you know anything about me, you know I’m damn good looking, and that should zombies take over the Earth, I’m the man to stand alongside with. I’m adequately prepared for it so when the time comes, there aren’t any surprises. And now, with the help of Hans, Frans, Roxie, and Jimmy, you can get prepared too.

The geniuses over at zombieammo.com have supplied us with zombie targets that are sure to turn a few heads at the shooting range. If you’re real hardcore I suggest you go all out and by yourself an army of 10,000 zombie targets, so you can be prepared when they come at you in large numbers. And they will, oh yes, they will.

Left 4 Dead: Coming to Mac, Someone Won’t Survive The Passing

I have three big headlines concerning Left 4 Dead, so I’ll divide them into Big, Sad, and Awesome. First with the big news: Perhaps you’ve been living under a rock lately, or own a PC and simply don’t care (most likely the latter), Steam will finally be making its way to Mac and it’s cross compatible so PC and Mac gamers can play together (and so Mac gamers actually have someone to play the game with, har har).

Now the sad news: this isn’t necessarily tragic news unless you’re particularly fond of one of Left 4 Dead’s cast, but it would seem that either Louis, Bill, Francis, or Zoey will not be surviving The Passing DLC. In it we will see one of our beloved heroes fall in order to save the rest. However, in the DLC due out for the original game, who dies is up to the players, as one of them will have to be noble and take one for the team.

Now for the awesome news: The Passing will include multiple game modes to help liven up the increasingly more repetitive multiplayer. That’s modes, plural, as in: more than one but most likely not less than eight (but we can hope). The Passing is planned for a rather wide release window of spring.

Arkham Asylum Goes 3D, Bane Might Get His Own Game?

One of the first major games to get the 3D treatment will be Batman: Arkham Asylum’s upcoming Game of the Year edition, which will come with 3D support, including a pair of 3D glasses and all the challenge maps.

But that’s not the big news, unless 3D gets you all hot and bothered (and I’ll admit, for me it does), the most interesting headline is that Arkham Asylum’s Director is interested in a new game starring everyone’s favorite big guy. This isn’t to say there’s a Bane game in the works, he was merely referencing Bane’s excellent back story that could make for a great game. I agree. So would you like to see a game focusing on Bane, or should they stick to the better known characters?

Zombie Hero

I bet you never thought you’d see those two words next to each other, unless one was killing the other, of course. Well, now you have, thanks to Rock of the Dead, a game that’s sure to inspire some connections to the classic Typing of the Dead.

To break it down for you, if Guitar Hero and Typing of the Dead were to get together to make sweet, nasty baby love, Rock of the Dead would be their brain munching offspring. All it requires is that you have one of those guitar peripherals from either Guitar Hero or Rock Band, and a Wii console to play it on (yes, sadly this is another Wii exclusive). Each zombie has notes attached to them that you have to play to send them shambling back into the afterlife.

Shinji Mikami Interested in Going 3D

Mikami San is the mastermind and creator of the legendary Resident Evil franchise, so when he says something like “I’m interested in making a 3D horror game”, people take notice. It seems as if he’s been thinking about this for quite a long time, “It’s been my goal since the original Resident Evil to be the first in the industry to make a 3D game.

He’s currently working on Vanquish, an action shooter that was recently unveiled by Platinum Games (the guys behind Bayonetta and MadWorld) and he’s also working on launching his own game studio called Tango.


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