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Headlines In Horror: Effin’ Scary Pokemon, a Halloween RPG, & a HUGE Horror Announcement at TGS!



Back in April I let loose my inner fanboy and talked all crazy like about an unannounced multi-platform action/horror game that’s (not-so) secretly in development by some of the most talented designers in the industry. I predicted it could “redefine horror”, despite knowing little about the title, and then predicted we would see it at E3. Well, the latter prediction turned out to be wrong but the former is still entirely possible, and when the Tokyo Game Show rolls around next month we’ll know a little more about the game as it will be announced at the event.

We’re nearing the end of the summer games drought, with some major releases preparing to hit shelves, and our consoles, next month. Combine that with TGS and September is looking pretty great right now. So to tide you over, why don’t you check out the biggest horror headlines, including some updates on Dead Space 2, a Halloween RPG, Left 4 Dead 2’s new DLC, and some nightmare-inducing Pokemon. Hopefully all this will help numb the pain that was left after Doom 4 failed to show its beautiful face at QuakeCon earlier this month.

Tokyo Game Show Brings the (long anticipated) Goods

I’ve been waiting for this news for some time, and it looks like the time is finally coming. The long in development action/horror collaboration by No More Heroes Designer Suda 51 and legendary Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami is finally going to be announced at this year’s TGS.

The simple fact that this amazing duo is working on the game has me frothing at the mouth to see what they’ve been toiling away on for nearly four years. We also know the game is being composed by longtime Silent Hill composer/producer Akira Yamaoka and the game is being backed by EA (so that means the game has a meaty budget).

We won’t know what this game is or how drastically it’s going to change my life until EA’s pre-TGS showcase on 9/15, or the actual event, which takes place 9/16 to 9/19.

And in case you missed my absolutely stunning feature (you naughty minx) where I gathered together all of the internet’s collective knowledge on this game, check it out right here.

Dead Space 2 Aims to Dismember the PSP and/or DS

We already know this strategic dismemberment filled title is coming to the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC next year but the game is also being released, in some version, to portable consoles. Will it be the PSP, DS, or both? What about a little Dead Space 2 on your iPhone or iPad? That could be nice.

A few weeks ago EA registered the domain deadspacesabotage.com, but for what reason is still unknown. The franchise has already expanded to comics, movies, books, and, obviously, video games, so I’m not sure what Sabotage could be. Is it another game? Unlikely. Another animated film? Perhaps, though I’m waiting for the real thing. If this is DLC, that could be interesting, or possibly an arcade version of the game so Xbox exclusive gamers won’t be left in the dark when Dead Space: Extraction finds its way to the PS3 next year? Now that would be cool.

Dead Space 2 releases on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and one or more unnamed portable platforms on January 25.

Resident Evil: Revelations Will Not Be Out This Year. Sorry.

I was looking forward to Revelations after seeing that gorgeous trailer released around E3 and the fact that it uses Resident Evil 5’s engine, and its an original installment in the franchise (not another spin-off). Unfortunately, with the promise of 3D gameplay comes a pushed back release date. Since the 3DS won’t be released until next year, that means Revelations won’t be shuffling its way into our lives until after that time.

Just in case you missed it: Resident Evil 5 will be getting some motion control action for people who own the PlayStation Move by way of a patch for the game that will be released on September 19. Unfortunately, this patch is only available for the Gold Edition of the game because of compatibility issues with the original RE5. So you have to own a PS3 with Move, and RE5: Gold Edition.

That rules me out seeing as I own the 360 version and have no intentions of buying Move for some time, so how about you? Anyone out there going to get their Move on with Resident Evil 5?

A Double Fine Halloween RPG

I love me some Tim Schafer. Psychonauts was brilliant and funny and I may very well be one of the few people who didn’t have any serious issues with Brutal Legend. So when I heard a few months back that the makers of these titles, DoubleFine, was working on not one but four titles, I got a little excited.

The first of the titles to be announced is Costume Quest, which is a Halloween RPG arcade title for the PSN and XBLA, with that trademark humor and unique art style that has made their games so well-received in the past.

In the game you control a little boy on a mission to save his younger sister from the monsters that abducted her. Using the special abilities allotted to you by the costumes you wear you can fight the very real evil that roams the night. I should also mention the costumes literally transform you into the thing you’re dressed as. I’ve seen a giant blue robot, knight in shining armor, and a totally kickass wiry creature with a flaming jack-o-lantern head.

Costume Quest releases on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this Halloween, for a currently unnamed price.

The Sacrifice DLC Announced; Will Work With BOTH Left 4 Dead Titles

For the first time ever, owners of either Left 4 Dead title will be able to play the same DLC. The Sacrifice, due this October, will be available for each game and will tell the story told in The Passing, but this time from the perspective of the original game’s cast. You’ll discover how they managed to meet up with our friends in Left 4 Dead 2, and then one lucky soul will have the chance to sacrifice themselves, hence the name of the DLC.

A bonus feature for owners of the second game, this DLC will bring the No Mercy campaign to L4D2, so players can experience it again, or for the first time, depending on whether or not you played the first game.

No release date is currently announced other than a fairly open ‘October release’.

Oh Please God, Don’t Make Me Look At This

Have you ever wondered what the final product would be if someone like Clive Barker decided to jump into the realm of Pokemon? Well, I’m guessing it would’ve looked something similar to these grotesque Pokabominations (see what I did right there?) I definitely do not have the craving to catch them all, but I wouldn’t mind having the Pikachunk or Jigglygruff; those are definitely my favorites.

Which ones are yours, or are you still covering your eyes to shield your innocent mind from the horror? Yikes. I think I would have to perform an exorcism on one of these before I let it into my house. I’m going to go run my eyes under some scalding water now; big thanks to DeviantArt user EatToast, who has officially become one of my new heroes for creating these things (you can also check out her gallery if you think your mind is strong enough to survive a few more of these hideously beautiful creatures).


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