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Dead Space 2 Would Very Much Like to Infect your iPhone



EA recently unveiled a slew of titles coming to Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, one of which will be take place in the Dead Space universe. This isn’t a huge surprise since a mobile installment in the series was listed among upcoming EA releases some time ago, but the fact that the PSP and DS aren’t getting any dismembering love is a little surprising.

However, this will not be the same game the consoles are getting in January, instead this game will bridge the gap between the original and its upcoming sequel. Kind of a Dead Space: Case Zero, if you will. If this tickles your fancy, head past the jump for a release date, more details on the game, and the other EA titles making their way to Apple’s platforms. The good news doesn’t end there, oh no sir. It’s common for a spin-off gap-filling title like Dead Space 1.5 to take the on-rails shooter approach (like what Extraction did), but this game will not be doing that. So what will it be instead, you ask? I don’t know, why are you asking me? The only other thing we know is Dead Space 1.5 will be out at the same time as its console sibling, though I kind of hope it’s out a little earlier so we can “bridge the gap” between the two games before the second one comes out.

EA also announced Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Monopoly, EA Sports Active (now you can be active on the go!), Reckless Racing, and an unfortunately named Pictureka.

News is over, the rest is me going off on a tangent! This just solidifies the idea that the PSP and DS need to watch out for the iPod/iPhone/iPad (in order to save time let’s call those three the iCrew from now on), now that Apple’s getting pretty big exclusives of games we love.

The iCrew has things, namely a touchscreen interface and an outstanding digital service, that its competitors don’t have (or have but they’re not as good). Though there are rumors afloat that Sony is fusing its Sony Ericsson with the PSP 2 for a PSP Phone, and one that may or may not have touchscreen controls on its back. I like the idea of a PSP Phone but it needs to be cheap, accessible, well, let’s just say it needs to be nothing like the PSP Go.


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