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Get to Know Diablo 3’s Final Class: The Demon Hunter



BlizzCon’s going on right now and this year it’s all about Diablo 3 and World of WarCraft’s upcoming world-changing Cataclysm expansion. Regarding the former we’ve seen a few of the classes detailed so far including the Witch Doctor, Monk, Barbarian and Wizard that bring with them old school Diablo vibes mixed with something a little new.

The Demon Hunter looks like a fusion of Diablo II’s Amazon and Assassin classes, since she uses long ranged projectile attacks mixed with what look like traps and shadow skills. I loved the Assassin back in the day so this may very well end up being my favorite character. I’ll let you decide for yourself after you check out the very cool reveal trailer, after the jump.

“As long as I’m here, they are the prey and I am the hunter.” Oh, ms. Demon Hunter, how I love you so.


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