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13 Days of Horror, Day 7: The 7 Biggest Horror Games of 2011



Do you consider yourself a planner? You like to look to the future and prepare for what may come? Do you fancy yourself a horror gamer? If you answered yes to either of those questions you might want to stop talking to your computer and check out this list of horror games just waiting to rock our socks in 2011.

This was undoubtedly a great year for horror games, we had a myriad games come out suiting virtually every fan’s tastes including more than a couple great ones pretty recently (that might just get you in the mood for Halloween! – Shameless plug). But if you thought 2010 was well endowed you should definitely take a look at this group of games we’ll hopefully be seeing next year, because they pretty much rock.

Dead Space 2

If January is any indication next year is going to be a satisfying one for horror fans. Dead Space 2 was originally planned for a release at the end of this year but was pushed back to give it more development time and more likely than not to get it far away from a majority of the competition. Now we have something to look forward to after Christmas, and that something includes lots of strategic dismembering.

Shadows of the Damned

Ah yes, the game that will redefine horror might begin its revolution sometime next year. Granted the game was only officially unveiled last month, it looks like it’s pretty far along so that gives me hope that we may very well be kicking tons of ugly demon ass Don Juan style most likely at the end of next year.

Silent Hill 8

Many Silent Hill fans were worried about the upcoming eighth installment when it was rumored to be in the hands of a completely new developer. But with a promise that the game would stay true to the original games in the series, specifically inspired heavily by Silent Hill 2 that soothed many of our growing worries. Sadly, longtime composer Akira Yamaoka is busy working on the previously mentioned game, which leaves the consistently outstanding music and atmosphere in peril.

Fatal Frame 5

I’ve talked excessively about the next Fatal Frame, which might be a standalone sequel to the main series, but looks more like a remake of the extraordinary Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly. I won’t go into whether or not anyone outside of Japan will be seeing the game, instead I’ll just say if we do get to play the game, I might have a reason to get my Wii back. Maybe.

Red Faction: Armageddon

I never thought I’d include a series like Red Faction on a list of horror games but with the scary new underground, demon bug-infested route Armageddon is taking I believe it deserves a place on this list. Guerilla was a fantastic game that took open-world destruction to a whole new level and instead of resting on their laurels, developer Volition is tossing us under the chaotic surface of Mars where demonic bug aliens have been unleashed within the labyrinthine tunnels of the rebels’ new hideout. Standing atop crumbling buildings and strategically dissolving the support structures of massive towers were immensely fun in the last game so I’m very interested in seeing the huge changes Armageddon will bring to the series (hopefully) in May.

F.E.A.R. 3

I still refuse to call this game F.3.A.R. for the simple fact that it’s uncomfortable to type (how dare you force my lazy fingers to the 3 button when the E is so near). That aside, FEAR 3 is looking great and the addition of being able to play with a friend should definitely help extend the life of the game long after you’ve beaten the campaign.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

There’s a good chance Colonial Marines won’t be gracing our eager consoles next year since developer Gearbox currently has Duke Nukem Forever as their main priority and on top of that they’re undoubtedly working on a sequel to surprise hit Borderlands. Assuming the Gaming Gods step in and give us this long anticipated game, from what little we’ve seen of it it’s looking pretty creepy. Here’s to hoping it’s better than Aliens vs. Predator, but I think it’s safe to assume the game will be far superior given its developer’s pedigree.

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There are a few games I wanted to include but didn’t really think there was a chance in Hell of them arriving next year. The first of these is Condemned 3, and all they need to do to make that game great is expand on the investigations and brutal combat system and perhaps reel in the increasingly bizarre story a bit. The next is the recently unveiled followup to the fantastic horror RPG Demon’s Souls. I don”t care what some people say, that game is amazing and Project Dark looks to be very similar to it. The last of the very honorable nominees is Doom 4. id Software is currently focusing on Rage so I really can’t see this game coming out anytime soon, but whenever we end up seeing the game I’m sure it will be great.


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