Jennifer from Splatterhouse Has a Lovely Playboy Centerfold - Bloody Disgusting
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Jennifer from Splatterhouse Has a Lovely Playboy Centerfold



Are you alone? Is the door locked and the windows covered? Good, because if anyone caught you oogling a picture of this virtual vixen I’m fairly certain it would inspire a long, awkward conversation. So it would seem Jennifer, Rick’s love interest who gets captured by the evil Dr. West, has found the time to widen her resume so it includes something a little more exotic then the common ‘helpless woman’ syndrome so many female video game protagonists are afflicted with these days.

If Rick didn’t want her bad enough already, the thought of countless geeks and gamers seeing her naughty bits might be motivation enough for him to kick countless ass to save her. If you have a dark sense of humor, are a little on the geeky side and don’t mind a woman with no right thumb, Jennifer might just be contender for (virtual) girl of your dreams. Check past the jump for a nice, big picture and more on what she finds attractive so you can find out whether you’re good enough to make you her next scrumptious manmuffin. By the way, Jennifer’s centerfold is out now in the December issue of Playboy, though by now you’ve probably already ordered your copy.


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