Case West Brings More Zombie Action to XBLA Dec 21 - Bloody Disgusting
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Case West Brings More Zombie Action to XBLA Dec 21



Has the void left by The Walking Dead’s first season being over (until it comes back in October of course) left you fighting a burning desire for more undead kickassery? Good, because Capcom is here to satiate your lust for all things undead with the recently revealed Case West serves as an epilogue to Dead Rising 2 and will help bridge the gap between this game and its inevitable sequel.

Case West reintroduces the photojournalist from the first game I sincerely hoped was indefinitely replaced by the far more interesting zombie slaying badass Chuck Greene. Case West will be out on the 21st for 800 Microsoft Moose Dollars, just in time to sprinkle some much needed zombie killing atop your busy Christmas shenanigans. But that’s not all there is on the Dead Rising front, oh no sir, why don’t you head past the break for a little more. Do you own an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or third-generation (or newer) iPod Touch right now? Did you enjoy the original Dead Rising? If you answered to both questions than you should most definitely check out Dead Rising Mobile, a mobile adaptation of the original game out now for a paltry $4.99. And for the lucky few who have an iPad, Capcom’s working on a patch that will make it playable for that as well, we just don’t know when it will be available (yet).


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