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Halo: Combat Evolved to Get Re-Evolved Later this Year



Are you a fan of the recent Halo games but didn’t check out the game that started it all? Maybe you only recently got into video games, or perhaps, like me, you didn’t own the original Xbox. Well, come this holiday season you’ll get the chance to experience the game that started the Halo phenomenon when it’s re-released with an HD makeover.

For the industry this isn’t necessarily a new practice as Sony’s been revitalizing classic games like God of War, Shadow of the Colossus and Ico with slick HD visuals for some time now. Assuming Halo: Combat Re-Evolved (that’s the incredibly clever tentative title I made up for it) does well this could become a new trend for Xbox 360 owners. Not much is known about this game other than the fact that it won’t simply be getting a new paint job. Supposedly, the game is getting brand new art assets so you can expect some next-gen models, textures and all that fancy technical mumbo jumbo.


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