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The Gaming Industry, She Is A Rich Mistress



Now that the picture below grabbed your attention, I can get down to the nerdy end of things. The gaming industry in 2010 brought in somewhere over 33 billion dollars, and that is with sales of around 3.2 billion games. Those are amazing numbers to see in such a terrible economy. It goes to show us gamers the industry is not going to slow down for anyone ever.

If you head past the break you can see the 33 Billion broken down by console, dlc, android, etc. World Software in 2010 Revenue (USD, Millions) Units (Millions)

Playstation 3 (Retail) $7,293 147
Xbox 360 (Retail) $7,242 150
Wii (Retail) $6,830 186
PC (Retail) $5,000 n/a
Nintendo DS (Retail) $2,562 129
Playstation Portable (Retail) $1,016 45
Steam (PC DD) $910 85
Playstation 2 (Retail) $756 19
iOS Devices (DD) $749 1905
Downloadable Content X360 / PS3 $300 n/a
Non-Steam Digital Download PC $250 n/a
Xbox Live Arcade (DD) $135 17
Playstation Network (DD) $90 10
WiiWare & Virtual Console (DD) $86 12
Android (DD) $16 465
Blackberry (DD) $8 54
Windows Mobile (DD) $7 13

Adam Update: Now this post has a strong sprinkling of hot man action! Grr.


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