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Jason Vs Zombies



In Jason Vs Zombies you play as a man names Jason. Who’d have thought right? Read on for the rest of the game info and past the breaks for screens and features. The game is out now for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod 3, iPod 4, iPhone 4, iPad 1, and iPad 2.

“You play a guy named Jason. There exists no humanity on this world. The world is full of zombies and you (Jason) are the only man who can save the world if you kill all zombies. You have to be a very good Zombie Killer for surviving 5 amazing Levels and Missions. It’s a long way to the last level called “Zombie City”. So you need many Kill-Points to unlock new weapons for free. You can also earn Bonus-Kill-Points if you cut the arms and heads of aggressively zombies with your different weapons. Your Level-Kill-Points will always be saved and you can play every level for new if it’s unlocked once.” GAME FEATURES:
– All Weapon Package to purchase
– Comfortable HUD
– Free unlock Weapons if you are a good Zombie Killer
– Fantastic Performance and Controlls
– 5 amazing 3D-Level Areas | The Hills, Industrial Area, The Cave, Red Dead Area, Zombie City
– 15 Zombie Kill Missions to save the world
– Real 3D Zombies can losse Arms and Heads with amazing and funny animations
– Artificial intelligence Zombies getting more and more aggressively
– 8 different working weapons to unlock: Normal Axe, Silver Mask, Silver Axe, Gun, Machine Gun, Golden Axe, Golden Mask
– Crates and Barrels to shoot and earn bonus points
– Real physic bomb weapon (Slingshot)
– Special Particle explosion effects
– Fantastic creative sound effects
– Medipacks for Jason
– Options: Invert AIM, Left-Hand-Mode, Fog on/off to save performance, Sky on/off to save performance, Musik Volume
– Social Notifications | Send your score to Facebook or twitter
– Help Popup to explain how to control Jason and the game
– InApp-purchase shop to unlock new weapons if needed

– OpenFeint and Game-Center integration
– New Zombies
– Other new weapons


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