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Zombie Smash! Gets An Update With Camp Nowhere



If you don’t already have Zombie Smash or Zombie Smash HD you can get them now on the ipad, iPod Touch, and iPhone for the discounted rates of $1.99, and 0.99cents.

And just released is the Camp Nowhere campaign for the game and it’s free! So make sure you check the game out, there is a free lite version you can test out. Screens and features past the break. ZombieSmash! Camp Nowhere features include:
• Second, full-fledged campaign with 30 new days to survive
o Fresh zombie types to crush, including exploding, dynamite-strapped zombies, strong zombies that (almost) always keep their feet, and a towering boss to take down
o New specials like fireworks that launch zombies into the air for a spectacular finish and a head inflation power that blows zombie heads up like balloons
• Crisp Retina graphics with added parallax scrolling effects for both Camp Nowhere and the original ZombieSmash! campaign
• Full Game Center support with 25 new achievements, for a grand total of 40
• Twitter connectivity to easily share your best smashes with the world
• In-app purchasing opportunities to help players even the odds
• Major overhaul of the Sandbox with the ability to zoom and move the scene and an improved zombie spawning menu
• Countless gameplay improvements such as automatic shooting, more diverse special generation and visual indicators for activated specials.
• Expanded soundtrack with all-new, zombie-killing tunes by video game music legend Chris Huelsbeck
• Now also on the iPad:
o Easter special: Featuring an arsenal of Easter related goodies, including bunny-ear-clad zombies and several weapons disguised as friendly Easter eggs.
o Soccer special: Brings what zombie games were always missing – the ability to smash rival soccer teams!


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