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The Scream Game, Is It Crap? You Tell Me, I Don’t Have A Compatible Device



I’m not really sure how I missed it, (maybe because it has the potential to be terrible) but the Scre4m game was released May 31st on the iOS devices. In Scre4m you play as the killer hunting down your unsuspecting victims.

You can download the “Lite” free version right now and play 2 levels. And I encourage you to do so, and please post in the comments below how awful the game is. I’m just assuming the game is terrible, because, well why wouldn’t I? Features and screens past the break. Game Features:
-Play 2 Levels in the lite version
-Fast paced single player mode where you chase down victims and avoid
the cops
-Be smart about who you kill and how you kill
-Multiple fully rendered 3D levels
-Brag about your highscores to your friends on Facebook and Twitter
-OpenFeint integration with Achievements even in the lite version!
-Did we mention you play as the killer!


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