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E3: Some Fresh Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Screenshots



The fantasy RPG series The Elder Scrolls is coming back this November with it’s fifth installment, dubbe Skyrim. The series has been known for its vast open worlds, incredible story and deep character customization. The fifth game looks to be taking what its predecessors did great and adding an even more expansive world, powered by a brand new engine and hundreds of weapons, spells and abilities. Oh, and dragons are coming back, and everyone knows a game with dragons is already awesome. Spyro being the exception here.

Skyrim also has a much bigger focus on freedom; giving the player more choices, more customization, and more ways to explore and experience the game’s massive world. I like being free, because I’m no one’s slave. Head past the break for some brand spanking new screens from the game, fresh from E3.


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