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Afterlife Gameplay Brings Horror to the iPad



The makers of Dungeon Defenders: First Wave have just officially released gameplay footage for their next project, Afterlife: Ground Zero. Apparently, footage from the game was leaked a few days ago so its developer, Trendy Entertainment decided to jump on and give us something a little more presentable. The demo that you can check out below is playing on an iPad 2, and it looks pretty incredible.

To me, the most exciting thing about this game is it gives me the chance to ask strangers if that’s a pulsating tentacle in their pocket or if they’re just happy to see me. Get it? It’s funny because there are weird tentacles hanging off the buildings, and some of us also have tentacles in our pants. I love explaining bad jokes. No word on a release date, mainly because this game is still a long ways off, but if this tech demo represents what the unpolished version looks like I can’t wait to see the final product. Head past the break for a few more details. Despite being far from a release date, Trendy describes Afterlife as a cooperative survival horror game with a hefty RPG system including multiple classes. The game will also have a high replay factor, so that’s also pretty exciting.

Almost everything about interface you see in the tech demo will be different in the final game, they threw in the UI at the last minute to give us an idea of how it will play. We also don’t know what platforms the game will run on, though it looks like it’ll be available on iOS devices, like the iPad and iPhone. I can’t say I’m a big mobile gamer, but this is certainly the type of game that can win me over.

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