The Darkness Gets Pushed Back A Few Months, Violent Sobbing Ensues - Bloody Disgusting
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The Darkness Gets Pushed Back A Few Months, Violent Sobbing Ensues



has a lot of potential. I loved the first game and I’m totally digging the stylish new look, so really all they have to do is refine the combat a bit. One of the big additions to the gunplay is a new mechanic they’ve implemented called “Quad-Wielding.” What that sexy term means is you can now use your Demon Arms to maim the ever living hell out of enemies while simultaneously firing dual weapons. I like this, I like it a lot. But is Quad-Wielding the new Strategic Dismemberment? It’s just as much fun to say and sounds like a fantastic way to unleash all flavors of kickassery on unsuspecting enemies, but only time will tell, and sadly, we now have more time to wait.

Originally planned to be released in early October, The Darkness has now been pushed back to February 7th, 2012. Now, this definitely isn’t bad news, because and extra four months could be great for the game since it’ll give its developer a lot more time to make this the amazing experience we all want it to be. I was looking forward to popping my Quad-Wielding cherry, but for those of you who are planning on attending Comic-Con that kicks off tomorrow, the game will definitely be there.


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