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Indie Pic ‘Suspension’ Available for Online Order



Today an official website was launched for SUSPENSION, which features stills, trailers and a link to order the new indie film from Alec Joler and Ethan Shaftel. What would you really do if you had the power to stop time? SUSPENSION delves into that very question by combining elements of science-fiction, psychological thriller, and classic Hitchcokian suspense. The story unfolds as Daniel loses his wife and son in a car accident. While slowly recovering from his injuries, he rebuilds his son’s video camera that was damaged in the crash. Infused with power from the moment of the crash, the camera develops the ability to stop time when Daniel presses the pause button. This discovery restores Daniel’s sense of purpose, and he fills the vacuum in his life by taking responsibility for another victim, Sarah, a newlywed who lost her husband in the same accident. But Daniel’s good intentions shift as the power begins to change him irrevocably…


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