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Brad Anderson Goes Horror Crazy! Loads of New Projects…



This morning B-D reporter SpookyDan caught up with genre fav Brad Anderson (Session 9, The Machinist) to chat about his latest thriller, Transsiberian (review), which is now in limited theaters from First Look Studios. During the interview Anderson revealed he is working on a bunch of horror projects, including ALL LOST SOULS and a a apocalyptic horror pic entitled VANISHING, along with a new project with Christian Bale! Read on for the skinny.
I have a few horror specific things in the works,” Anderson tells Bloody-Disgusting exclusively. “First I am doing ALL LOST SOULS, a serial killer movie, and the other is called VANISHING – a smart post apocalyptic horror film.

While Anderson prefers to do his own things, he still is considering remaking a film…

I have been offered some more mainstream stuff that does not quite appeal to me, in general, I prefer to do my own things, writing and directing my own work. However, I might be doing a remake of THE 7TH VICTIM, an old Val Lewton film, being remade by RKO. Its about a bunch of devil worshipers in New York, sort of a precursor to ROSEMARY’S BABY.” He continues. “The script isn’t done yet, but that will be cool, I love those old films!

But that’s just the tip of the iceburg, Anderson reveals to B-D that he is working on something really f**ked up and that he might reteam with Christian Bale (The Machinist) and Scott Kozar.

Scott Kozar and I are trying to get another project off he ground called CONCRETE ISLAND, based on a story by JG Ballard. [It’s] like an urban Robinson Caruso story, but much more f**ked up. Christian Bale has expressed interest in being the lead. Its not a studio film, it’s a hallucinogenic odd movie, similar in tone to Cronenberg’s CRASH — weird twisted and perverse. Its not horror, but its in that ballpark.

Watch this spot for some word on TRANSSIBERIAN tomorrow and check out the film in limited theaters now.


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