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New Trailer For ‘Zombthology’



If you click here you can check out the brand new trailer for the indie horror pic, ZOMBTHOLOGY, which features four directors, and four stories. You can also check out the official website for more, or read on for a synopsis of all four films.
This is an all new anthology of zombie short stories! Check out our tome of the tomb:

In “Trapped,” hordes of zombies are taking over town. Crawling and eating through every inch of it. Is the big movie house a sanctuary… or a prison? How can the small group of survivors find an escape? It ain’t going to be easy.

With “A Slight Case of Zombism” a simple trip to the pool showers results in a bizarre strain of athelete’s foot. And Tough actin’ Tenactin ain’t enough. Ryan and his wife try to cope with his new desire to consume human flesh. Can their marriage survive foot fungus this bad?

Then in “Curse of Zombie Lake” free-lovin’ war-protesting hippies stumble across Centuries-old cursed lake zombies out for flesh. Just your typical classic 70’s romp. And nothing makes a better feast for the undead than some pretty pot smoking co-eds.

Finally there is “Stripper From B’Twixt the Graves.” Exotic dancer Candi has a bachelor party gig tonight… but when a vengeful zombie stripper leaves the cemetery and takes her place, the gentlemen find themselves with more than just a killer lapdance. The bachelor party you never knew you wanted.


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