Shoreline Entertainment Revisits 'From Beyond' - Bloody Disgusting
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Shoreline Entertainment Revisits ‘From Beyond’



B-D reader ‘Avery’ just sent us a pretty damn interesting link. What he discovered was that Shoreline Entertainment is working on a new From Beyond film, which is currently in pre-production. While no director or cast are revealed, the synopsis, a teaser poster and a piece of production art were available for the latest H.P. Lovecraft adaptation. Read on to check it all out and begin speculating what this is.
Detective Davis Tillinghast is a modern day Sherlock Holmes, using his keen intellect and powers of deduction to solve the cases no one else can … until now. A series of bizarre and seemingly impossible mutilations have him stumped, the only tenuous clue leading back to the laboratory of his estanged brother Crawford, a crazed genius obsessed with inter-dimensional physics. Crawford has invented an instrument that hyper-stimulates the pineal gland of the brain, making visible the many thousands of parallel universes that occupy our space/time continuum. But unbeknownst to him this machine is also empowering creatures from other realities, giving them the ability to “drift” – travel between dimensions. Davis discovers that a “drifter” has been causing the random mutilations and sets out to destroy his brother’s machine. In the process, Davis is exposed to a vast amount of the machine’s energy, turning him too into a drifter.


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