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Major Update on ‘Scream 4’!



While all sorts of rumors have been floating around the web over the past six months, we’ve been digging and digging to get the real story on Dimension Films’ Scream 4. Today we have an update that comes from a 100% reliable source, although I can’t use names. Things have been pretty silent since the film was officially announced back in July, but now we have the skinny, all of which can be read beyond the break.

While SCREAM 4 is still very much in the early stages of development, we have a few exclusive facts to kick start the hype.

Fact #1: Kevin Williamson (writer of two of the SCREAM films (character credit on third)) is going to start writing a draft, although it may or may not become the shooting script (which is typical).

Fact #2: Wes Craven may or may not direct, but there is a very good possibility that he will return.

Fact #3: They are making financial offers to David Arquette, Courtney Cox Arquette and Neve Campbell to play cameos.

Fact #4: This will be a younger version of the SCREAM movies.

Watch for more soon as we’ll been staying close to this highly anticipated project.