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Out This Week: How To Be A Serial Killer



How To Be A Serial Killer, a self help guru’s tale of murder and success drops this week. It’s a tongue-in-cheek tale reminiscent of American Psycho, Falling Down, or Dexter, where you root for the bad guy…

Mike has a life where he feels something empty, off kilter to the rest of the world. One day, fed up with life, he starts killing people that do him wrong or are just terrible people. Now he sleeps like a baby, feels great and is glad to be alive. Now he wants to share his story and teach you how to be a serial killer.

This comic written by Luke Ricci and artwork by Ramon Espinoza is a fun one-shot that I wish there was more of. This comic was based off a upcoming movie of the same name, so if you like this check out the movie as well.


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