Chronicles of Wormwood: Last Battle #1 Out September - Bloody Disgusting
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Chronicles of Wormwood: Last Battle #1 Out September



I have not heard of Chronicles of Wormwood up until this part, but when you have Garth Ennis writing such a strange script…how can you resist. Look at this cover and tell me you’re not at the least a little excited. Full info after the break…
ChronWood Continuing the ongoing series of mini-series, Jimmy the Rabbit, Jay, and Danny Wormwood, the Anti-Christ himself, are back in a new full-color six-issue series! Danny has started to get his life back together after averting the apocalypse, and getting rid of God and Devil. But Hell might be getting taken over by something even worse, Pope Jacko! This issue is available with Regular and Visions of Hell Wraparound, both by series artist Jimenez, a Special Ennis Signed Poster edition that also has a new Jimenez cover and is limited to just 3,000 copies, and special retailer incentive Anti-Christ Edition!

Written by Garth Ennis, art and cover by Oscar Jimenez. 32 pages, $3.99.


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