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Final DVD Trailer For ‘Red Mist’



Anchor Bay Entertainment announces that the official website and new trailer for Red Mist are now officially up and online! RED MIST (aka Freak Dog) stars Arielle Kebbel (The Uninvited), Sarah Carter (Final Destination 2) and Emmy-Award nominee Stephane Dillane (“John Adams”), an unforgettable excursion into horror and supernatural revenge, comes to DVD February 10th from Anchor Bay, America’s premier horror programmer.
The medical students at Forthaven General Hospital study hard and party harder, until a cruel prank accidentally puts the facility’s creepy janitor into a deep coma. But when one responsible student tries to revive the degenerate loner with an experimental injection, she instead sends his brainwaves berserk. Will a sudden spree of sick kicks now claim the guilty one by one, or has the ultimate out of body experience ushered in a bloodbath of brutal revenge?

Co-founded Bloody Disgusting in 2001. Producer on Southbound, the V/H/S trilogy, SiREN, Under the Bed, and A Horrible Way to Die. Chicago-based. Horror, pizza and basketball connoisseur. Taco Bell daily.


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