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Christopher Lee Cast in Latest Hammer Film!



We scored some pretty incredible news this afternoon as we’ve learned exclusively that the great Christopher Lee has landed the role of “August” in Hammer Films’ The Resident, which we’re told could be retitled to Invasion Of Privacy. He will star alongside the previously announced cast of Hilary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the film set to be directed by Antti Jokinen this June in New Mexico. Lee initially portrayed villains and became famous for his role as Count Dracula in a string of early Hammer Horror films. He’s also starred in Wicker Man, Gremlins 2, Sleepy Hollow and 8 million other films. In The Resident, Swank will play a doctor who moves into a Brooklyn loft. Becoming suspicious that she’s not alone in her new home, she discovers her landlord is a stalker.
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