Exclusive DVD Clip From 'The Betrayed' - Bloody Disgusting
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Exclusive DVD Clip From ‘The Betrayed’



Awakening in a dark room after being knocked unconscious, a woman realizes that she’s been kidnapped and must frantically put her life back together in order to save the lives of her family in The Betrayed, making its gripping DVD debut June 30 from MGM Home Entertainment. Beyond the break you can check out our exclusive first look at the DVD trailer and an exclusive clip from the forthcoming DVD release.
Waking up in a dark room after being knocked unconscious in a car accident and her young son nowhere in sight, Jamie Taylor (Melissa George), realizes that she has been kidnapped. Her masked captor (Oded Fehr) informs her that if she ever hopes to see her son alive again, she must help his mysterious employers. However, they’re not looking to collect a ransom; instead, the man reveals that Jamie’s husband is secretly a brutal killer who recently stole millions from his bosses. The organization will stop at nothing to retrieve the missing money, and they think that their captive is the one person who can help them find it. Chained to a grate in a cold, dark room, with her marriage upended, her son’s life in jeopardy and no idea who she can trust, Jamie must attempt to piece together clues from the life she thought she knew in order to escape this nightmare and save the lives of her beloved family.


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