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‘Friday the 13th’ Rumor Idiotic Bullcrap



Stupid, idiotic and moronic rumors are hitting the web in a firestorm that fat idiot wrestler Tim Sylvia, a MMA fighter, is currently in Boston playing Jason Voorhees in the sequel to Friday the 13th. I was hoping the story would die, but it’s spreading like crazy as it hit the front page of Yahoo (great journalism guys). The story is fake, its bullcrap and it’s not true. Platinum Dunes has yet to even get the sequel greenlit. Remember, unless you read it here on Bloody Disgusting, or any of the other top horror sites, it’s bullsh*t. Update: Brad Fuller writes, “dont believe the rumor. We are NOT shooting F13 right now, and the only person i want to work with as JASON is Derek Mears.
Guess what? I’m NOT Jason Voorhees… I can’t believe you believed that rumor. HA!


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