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Full ‘Exorcismus’ Casting and Synopsis



With Rec 2 looking for a release, the next big Filmax movie to get underway is the English-language Exorcismus, which is currently being helmed by Manuel Carballo at several locations in Barcelona and will run until November 13th. Bloody Disgusting was contacted by Filmax this morning with not only the full cast listing, but also given the first ever synopsis. Read on for the skinny!
Sophie Vavasseur (Evelyn, Resident Evil: Apocalypse), Richard Felix (Perfume; Fragile), Douglas Bradley (Hellraiser) and Stephen Billington (Resident Evil), among others, have all joined the cast of EXORCISMUS.

Here’s the plot crunch: Emma is sick. Tired of studying at home instead of going to school, tired of baby-sitting his younger brother, tired of their parents. Emma’s parents are overprotective, agnostics and overly strict with their children’s education. Emma wants a different life, wants to be free … Inexplicably Emma begins to suffer strange attacks that parents attributed to psychological problems, but she knows that these attacks have a very different origin. Emma knows that something terrible inside that is gripping it. Emma wanted to be free … Some things are best ever wished absence thereof…

Manuel Carballo Filmax commitment to give way to a movie that has already been sold to more than half a dozen countries, including Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Poland, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

One of the main features of the film and be more innovative within the genre is to be shot with a very realistic tone, so that the fantasy theme of possession will be even more disturbing.

As for the technical team, signed script David Munoz (The Devil’s Backbone). In front of the Director of Photography is an experienced Javier Salmon (13 bells, Borgia, Romasanta). Josep Rosell (The Orphanage, Juana la Loca, Butterfly’s Tongue) is responsible for Art Direction. Another camera is the technical values Inchaustegui Yosu (Agora, The Oxford Murders, Chef’s Special).


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