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Sundance ’10: First Images from ‘Tucker and Dale vs. Evil’



Sundance it looking super sweet this year and one of the many titles I wish I was seeing is Eli Craig’s Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, which stars Tyler Labine from “Reaper” alongside Alan Tudyk, Katrina Bowen in a new horror comedy we’ve been covering here on BD for quite some time now. While we already brought you a look at the promo trailer, we just now got our hands on the first ever batch of hi-res stills. In the film Labine stars as “Dale” alongside Alan Tudyk (“Dollhouse”) as “Tucker,” two good natured hillbillies who are mistakenly accused of being psycho killers by a group of college kids camping at the same lake where the hillbillies have just acquired a dilapidated cabin as their “summer home.”
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