Teaser Trailer for Swedish Indie 'Mara' - Bloody Disgusting
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Teaser Trailer for Swedish Indie ‘Mara’



We caught wind of a new low budget indie film arriving in 2010 that looks quite interesting. Mara is a psychological horror-thriller from Sweden with supernatural elements. Lead actress Angelica Jansson is a popular, Swedish glamour model whos appeared in Playboy Magazine. What should have been a nice, relaxing weekend soon becomes a living nightmare, as five young people, all alone in an old isolated summer cottage, are haunted by something evil and terrifying from the past. Written, directed and produced by Fredrik Hedberg, Jacob Kondrup and Åke Gustafsson, you can check out the long synopsis and trailer by reading on.
OMFG Angelica Jansson (click image)

Angelica JanssonJenny (Angelica Jansson) is a young woman with a dark past. During her childhood she witnessed something terrifying that scarred her for life. Now, ten years later years later, Jenny has created a new life of her own.

In the last days of summer, in the deep, dark woods of Sweden, Jenny and four friends gather in a cozy cottage for a weekend of partying, fun and relaxation.

This abruptly ends when Jenny wakes up in the morning to find herself alone in the cottage. Thinking that her friends are playing a prank on her she goes searching for them- but they are gone without a trace. Yet, where would they go in the middle of the woods? And why is the car still parked out front?

Jenny spends a torturous day waiting for her friends to return. As darkness once again engulfs the cottage, Jenny must face the fact that she has been left alone. In the darkness. In the middle of nowhere. Or has she?

Is she really all alone?

No. SomeTHING is out there in the woods. A ghost, perhaps. Or a creature. Or somebody from Jennys frightening past.

As the night grows darker, shadowy figures haunt the cottage. Unrecognizable voices whisper Jennys name. Nightmares come to life. Is Jenny losing her mind?

Evil closes in as the story reaches its blood-soaked, twisted conclusion.

Fear your past. Dread your future.


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