Full Trailer for Colorful French Thriller 'Amer' - Bloody Disgusting
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Full Trailer for Colorful French Thriller ‘Amer’



A French film we’ve been pushing pretty heavily here on BD is Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani’s Amer, a beautiful neo-giallo pic that has been making the festival circuit. While we already showed you the teaser, below you can now watch the first full trailer. Desire has always been linked to one’s look. And cinema too. Luis Buñuel knew that very well when he filmed the short of a razor over an eye with a detail shot. Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani recover this image in an experimental film with immaculate style. Someone watches a girl through a keyhole. The wind lightly lifts a woman’s skirt as a group of men look on. The fantasy of a dress tearing. Composed of fragments -of eyes, lights, shadows, gestures– and without dialogues, Amer delves into the life of Ana, always halfway between the real and the imaginary. A film of sensations, always shot skin-deep.


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