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Michael Rooker Toplines ‘Freeway Killer’



from the makers of “Dahmer” and “Gacy” comes another terrifying true story… Freeway Killer, which stars Michael Rooker (Slither, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer) and Scott Leet. Beyond the break you’ll find a monster synopsis for John Murlowski’s flick, along with your first look at two pieces of promo art. Watch for a trailer soon.
December, 1979, The bodies had been turning up all over for a couple of years now– cast off like a bored child’s broken toys. Beaten, Stangled. An Orange County newspaper suggests a serial killer’s at work. The story runs and dies before the ink is dry. It’s not until March of 1980 he gets his name: the Freeway Killer. William Bonin is not alone. Bonin, an amiable truck driver, is well-liked but has only one close friend. One friend he shares his hobby with. Vernon Butts–magician, student of the occult and unemployed fry cook– is Bonin’s partner in crime. Together, they ride the endless highways of the California night looking for victims. They’ve got a good thing going. But Bonin is always looking for more friends.

Charming, intelligent and scheming, he is able to find and manipulate the weak, insecure and mentally challenged. One night, the box boy at a nearby liquor store catches his eye. He decides the young man would make a fine apprentice. Bonin is smart, witty, scheming and seductive and he uses all his charms to lure this young man, Kyle, into a murder spree before the kid even has time to fully understand what he has gotten into.

Soon TV and newspapers are frantically hyping “the Freeway Killer.” The police intensify of their search. William Bonin continues to recruit and discard accomplices. And kill. Feeling the noose tightening around his neck, his patterns become erratic, impulsive, insane. He begins to worry about his friends. Which can he count on? Which might be enemies? As police close in, the only question is how many more will die?

From the acclaimed writer and producers of the films “Dahmer” and “Gacy” comes “Freeway Killer,” the true story of William Bonin, one of California’s most notorious serial killers. The cast includes legendary character actor Michael Rooker (“Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” “JFK” “Slither” “Tombstone” “Days of Thunder”) and former NFL player Scott Leet in the role of Bonin.


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