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The Battle for ‘The Fields’ Continues With New Casting



Is it me or are there two films with the word “Fields” in the title battling it out? For every announcement regarding Rogue Pictures’ The Dark Fields (a film that keeps changing titles with every announcement), Forward Pass/Infinity Media’s The Fields (also constantly changing titles as it was once The Killing Fields) ups the ante. It was announced this morning that Jason Clarke (Public Enemies, Death Race) has been cast alongside Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sam Worthington, Jessica Chastain and Chloe Moretz in the murder mystery being produced by Michael Mann. Directed by Ami Canaan Mann, Morgan will star as a detective transplanted from New York, while Worthington will portray a local investigator probing a series of unsolved murders in industrial wastelands surrounding Gulf Coast refineries. Screenplay’s by former DEA agent Donald F. Ferrarone. Production’s expected to start later this month in Louisiana.
Jason Clarke

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