'Strangers' Director Conjures Up New Haunts at Ghost House - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Strangers’ Director Conjures Up New Haunts at Ghost House



It has been nearly two years since The Strangers was a surprising success (I give credit to the incredible trailer they cut), and since then writer/director Bryan Bertino has been attached to three projects, none of which have gone past the script stage. He penned the sequel to the home invasion slasher, and that has even entered development hell. But it looks as if he’s finally got something fresh in the works as he has made a deal with Ghost House Pictures to write and direct This Man, a thriller that has a clever fact-based hook, reports Deadline. “The protagonist is an ordinary man who discovers that people he has never met have somehow seen him in their nightmares. Ghost House has acquired rights to a website that was created by Italian sociologist Andrea Natella to connect those who saw the actual man in their dreams.” Producer Sam Raimi caled the story “a hair raising story that will be sure to delight horror fans.” For those of you into viral stories, this is something that has been circulating for over 4 years now. Click here for details or read on and tell me, have you seen this man?
This Man


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